“EU. Academy- 2018” Summer School took place in the period of the 4th – 15th of June 2018

“EU. Academy- 2018” Summer School took place in the period of the 4th – 15th of June 2018 in the premises of the Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova (ASEM).

The objective of the “EU.Academy-2018” Summer School is to create a forum for the developing and strengthening cooperation of the young activists from Moldova in creating a bridge for the dialog between young people and governmental representatives concerning the implementation and further development of the EU-Moldova economic relations. The “EU.Academy-2018” Summer School will give possibilities for the education of generations of young experts, who will gain the necessary knowledge and will be thus able to be the promoters and bearers for the implementation of the INTEGRA’s objectives and for the fruitful European economic integration of Moldova.

The “EU.Academy-2018” Summer School is designed for students who do not automatically come into contact with EU integration studies, young researchers (doctoral candidates undertaking PhDs and students planning to undertake PhD studies in the areas of European studies), teachers of the secondary schools, young public administrators, professional groups and civil society representatives.

The lecturers at the“EU.Academy-2018” Summer School will be invited European and national experts and INTEGRA project’s key teaching staff.


During the Summer School seminars, was addressed such topics as:

  • EU energy and industrial policy;
  • EU environmental protection and sustainable development policy;
  • EU support for a more knowledge-intensive and competitive economy;
  • Single market support policies: EU transportation policy and European Consumer Protection Policy;
  • Competitiveness and Competition in EU: The Relevance of Competition law and Policy in Economic Integration;
  • Europe 2020 strategy and Common Economic Policies European Flagship Initiatives;
  • And so on.

Working languages of the“EU.Academy-2018” Summer School was be English and Moldovan (without simultaneous translation).

Also, at the end, all participants attending the Summer School received Certificate of Attendance signed by CSIE.ASEM & EPDRI coordinators.