1. Trained and educated civil servants and civil society representatives;

  2. Informed and trained academic staff of the universities;

  3. Improved knowledge of young leaders on EU policies towards Moldova.

  4. Established dialogue and cooperation between different stakeholders;

  5. Disseminated information between different stakeholders concerning the EU programs in the field of European Integration with specific focus on Jean Monnet program;

  6. Created the solid web-platform which maintain the constant attention and presence of the project on a national, regional and local scale in Moldova and on European level as well;

  7. Enlarged cooperation between stakeholders on EU programs in the field of education, culture and science;

  8. Better information and greater awareness of the  youth in order of understanding the future perspectives of Moldova within EU-Moldova Association Agreement and all relevant EU policies;

  9. Improved understanding of stakeholders in the European integration process of Moldova within European Neighborhood Policy and Eastern Partnership and its achievements and obstacles towards EU-Moldova Association Agreement and Free and Deep Comprehensive Trade Area;

  10. Better informed national governments on the view-points and opinions of the academics, youth, civil society organizations and institutions;

  11. Better advised and informed wider public on modern tendencies of EU’s economics such as nowadays stage and structure of EU’s economics: problems and differences of EU;’s markets; system of regulation within EU’s economy; tendencies of EU’s economy development;.

  12. Engaged civil and business society organizations in current policy dialogue on education and research issues between Moldova and EU.

  13. Consolidated public-academic-business-civil society’s partnership.

  14. Increased knowledge of the population in Moldova on the progress achieved towards political association of Moldova with the EU within ENP and the actual progress of Moldova in the process of its Europeanization.